Find Attorneys Handling Benzene Cancer Cases


If you or someone you know has been exposued to Benzene and has suffered any serious side effects, such as Leukemia or blood cancer, please contact us for a rapid response regarding your rights and information about compensation for injuries.

Workers who have been injured by exposure to Benzene- a hazardous solvent used in a many industries are at great risk fro developing acute myelogenous leukemia (AML), and other forms of leukemia and cancer.

If you worked with chemicals, have aml leukemia , or other health problems you believe may be related to your exposure we can help you obtain legal help to pay for treatment and compensation for your injuries.

Workers in the following areas are at risk:

Industrial plant workers who use solvents
Painters, Gasoline Workers. Oil Refinery Workers, Chemical Lab workers. People in the rubber industry, Pesticide manufacturing, Printing/newspaper. Paper and Pulp manufacturing, Adhesive production and Leather manufacturing.

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